Friday, March 11, 2016

One of our own needs your help... "Irma Horta Memorial Fund"

Original host, producer, and show runner Angel has had a terrible loss in his family. His beloved mother passed away March 7th, 2016 in Miami Fl.

We wanted to post here the link to the GoFund me page he's made to help with the cost of the sudden loss. To all the listeners, and friends please open your hearts, and let's help out.

Here is a message from Angel himself...

"Hello all Angel here, and I've started raising money for "Irma Horta Memorial Fund" my mother as you know passed away on March 7th of Cancer, and we have to raise close to 10k to pay for her services. We have struck a deal with the funeral home and burial company to give us a couple of months to come up with the money.During this whole ordeal I was fired from my job because I needed the time off to be with my mother who was dying.

My old boss showed no heart, and fired me without warning. Now I've lost both my mother and job in the span of two weeks. I'm totally devastated as you can imagine. Anyone who listens to me on radio knows how close me, and my mother were, and right now I'm living a nightmare.

Thank you all who have donated already and thank you to those who are now about to open their hearts and help out. Just in case anyone wants to use paypal my email is"

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Angel leaves the show

After fighting Cancer for almost three years his mother has got really ill recently, and he's decided to leave the show for an extended period of time to be with his mother. We all at Skywatchers Radio wish him, and his mother all the best. He said he didn't think he would return to the hosting chair anytime soon as his mother is very very ill.

Taking over as the main hosts on the show is Crystal Storm, and Alan Wyler. Together they will be joined by Chris Brown who will continue to bring ufology news from around the world. Danny Benton has been promoted to show executive producer.

Once again we wanted to wish Angel and his mother all the best, and hope he's with us here again soon.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Tonight ART BELL Returns!

After years of waiting to hear him on again we finally get the man back on air! ART BELL RETURNS! LIVE! That's right folks the time for waiting is over.

"Art Bell is a founder and original host of the late night paranormal show Coast to Coast AM. Bell went into semiretirement in 2003, with occasional guest host appearances up until 2010. Bell’s fans were excited for his return when he began a new show on SiriusXM radio. However, the show only lasted six weeks.

The satellite radio show must have gotten Bell’s creative juices flowing, because it has been announced that he will be returning to paranormal radio with an internet streaming show that is set to begin on July 20, 2015. The show will be called Midnight in the Desert, and like the name implies, will begin at midnight and run until 3 am eastern; 9 pm to midnight for those on the west coast in the pacific time zone.

Unlike his last show, which could only be heard on SiriusXM, the new show will be broadcast on many mediums, allowing listeners several options in which to hear the show. As mentioned earlier, this even includes shortwave radio. The show’s website says they made a deal with a shortwave station out of Tennessee, WTWW on 5,085 khz.

The live show will be broadcast for free. However, listeners will need to purchase a monthly subscription to listen to the archives. The starting fee for the subscription service will only be $5 a month.  The subscription will also provide access to something they will call the “Wormhole,” which will allow users to send Bell message during the show."

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rest in Peace to Dr Roger Leir...

Deeply sadden to have to give this news to you all right now. Dr. Roger Leir has passed away of a heart attack as he was checked in to a hospital waiting on surgery on his foot. He went to the bathroom, and never came out.

My deepest condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones... He was one of the good guys and I'm proud to say I knew the man. While not very well I did get a chance to speak to him briefly a few times, and he was going to be a guest on this radio show when he got better from his current surgery later this year.

I spoke to him just a couple of months ago when we had Jose Escamilla on my show, and he was very upbeat, and was keen on being on the show also. Very nice man, and such a shame, and loss for us all in ufology. He will be missed by us all.

He had a major impact on a lot of people from all over the world, and went all over the world to talk about his findings. But none other than when he went in front of the Citizens Hearing in DC.

He was also interviewed on countless tv shows, and radio shows. Recently he was on Art Bells "Dark Matter" Radio show which aired in 2013.

Dr. Roger Leir said he removed about a dozen implants from people's bodies and claims they are devices that "emit radio signals." Leir alleges that implants have moved by themselves during surgery as if to avoid removal. Leir says that laboratory testing of the implants imply they are of extraterrestrial origin.

His work in ufology will not be forgotten anytime soon. He was a major help at the Citizens hearing for disclosure up in DC, and here is a video of his time at the hearing.

For all of us on Skywatchers Radio, PSN RADIO, and Dark Matter Radio Network
we are once again deeply sadden by the loss of Dr. Roger Leir... - Angel Espino


Friday, December 20, 2013

Skywatchers Radio [Guest] Paul Dale Roberts [12/24/2013]

Tonight we will have a special news report in the first hour by one of our Skywatchers "special reporters" who will join us once a month to deliver some of the latest in the world of ufology. The thought is we want to go with Dennis Crenshaw but we haven't locked him down yet. So it's going to be TBA for now.
Second hour guest: Paul Dale Roberts
Roberts was born on January 17, 1955 in Fresno, California. He has an Associate Degree in Criminology. In 1977, Roberts for one year was a firefighter with the California Division of Forestry. Firefighting was not his cup of tea.

Military Career:
Roberts from 1973 to 1976 served with the US Army's D.S.T. (Drug Suppression Team) C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Division) in Germany, working undercover narcotics. From 1979 to 1986 Roberts served in the US Army's Military Intelligence. Working at PIC-K (Photo Interpretation Center in Korea). Roberts held a Top Secret S.B.I. (Special Background Investigation) clearance as an Intelligence Analyst, later receiving an H-Identifier with OPFOR (Opposing Forces), where Roberts wore a Soviet uniform, ski mask and trained elite troops like US Army's Special Forces, 101st Airborne, Air Force Special Operations, Delta Force,… Read more

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Skywatchers Radio [Guests] [1st hr] Jesse Marcel III [2nd hr] Jose Escamilla

After a monumental first episode back we would like to keep the momentum going by welcoming two amazing guests to our show.

Guest First hour:

Jesse Marcel, III is the son of Jesse Marcel Jr, and grandson of Jesse Marcel, Sr. who was the man in charge of the wreckage at Roswell New Mexico in 1947.

Over the past 40 years, Marcel Jr. appeared on TV shows, documentaries and radio shows; was interviewed for magazine articles and books, and traveled the world lecturing about his experiences in Roswell.

He recently passed away, and carrying the family legacy is his son the man who will join us tonight on Skywatchers Radio Mr Jesse Marcel III.

Jesse is also a member of the Witnesses at the disclosure Citizens Hearing.

[2nd hour]

Jose Escamilla is a ufologist, Producer, Director, Composer, and the Discoverer of the Rods Phenomenon!    

Producer-Director, Jose Escamilla has been editing film and video for over 20 years. Video productions in release nationwide include; L.A. Gang Violence - a documentary about LA Gangs

In 1985 he put together a world event entitled: ONE MINUTE OF PEACE, where he asked everyone in the world to stop what they were doing all together for "one minute" in honor of Samantha Smith and the children of the world.

He performed the title song at The Hollywood Bowl and via satellite world wide and the One Minute of Peace project was underway.

He produced, arranged and performed all the background music for TITO GUIZAR in 1990, as he helped Tito make a comeback with his music in an album and home video which Jose produced. Tito has starred in Mari Mar, the latest hot "novella" now airing in Mexico and the US and is now starring in his third soap opera in Mexico at age 88! Tito Guizar, best known as the Mexican Troubadour, making famous such songs as, Alla En El Rancho Grande, Cielito Lindo, Maria Elena, Guadalajara, Jalisco, South of The Border, What a Difference a Day Makes , and many more songs that are standards today all over the world. Jose's work with Tito is an experience that he will never forget. "Tito is the last living legend from Mexico and the Golden Era of Hollywood."

Aside from Jose's work with many artists and celebrities, Jose's UFO experiences that occurred at Midway, New Mexico on March 5,1994, have put him on a variety of lectures and television and radio programs talking about the subject. He has appeared on television shows such as The Learning Channel, Geraldo Rivera, Hard Copy, Sightings, Encounters, The Other Side, Inside Edition, the BBC in London, Spanish Language programs, (Sabado Gigante-"EL Y ELLA"), and on many Network News broadcasts, ABC, NBC, CBS NEWS. He has appeared in many UFO related magazines, America On-line, The Internet, CompuServe, Newspapers and radio talk shows. He has lectured at many conventions on the subject including, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Mexico City. His first hand experiences with the phenomena and background in the Entertainment Industry, lend a unique quality in presenting UFOs to the public.

External links: [Roswell Rods, Escamilla's home page]


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This Episode is dedicated to our friend Lloyd Pye... RIP

This show marks the return of Skywatchers Radio with the original host  Angel Espino & co-host will be announced this Sunday on live on his Sunday show. "iNSide Tha Jackals Head"

The show will air on Dark Matter Radio Network as well as PSN RADIO. That's right our show is now partnered with Dark Matter Radio Network, and we would like to thank everyone involved for making it possible for us to do our show on that network.

Thank you Keith Rowland who made this all possible, and Art Bell for giving him his blessing to create the network, and being the godfather of Dark Matter Radio Network.

First the show tonight is dedicated to a legend, and someone who meant a lot to ufology who we just lost Mr Lloyd Pye.

First hour we will be joined by Steven Bassett who will talk to us about how important Lloyd was, and we will take a moment to remember our friend, and mentor. We will all miss him dearly, and he will never be forgotten.

"Popular researcher Lloyd Pye, has passed away after a battle with lymphoma cancer. Known for his pioneering work with the Starchild Skull and Intervention Theory, he was the author of such books as "Everything You Know is Wrong."

Guest First Hour Steve Steve Bassett

Stephen Bassett is a leading advocate for ending the 65-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.  He is a political activist, lobbyist, commentator, the executive director of Paradigm Research Group and the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC) and executive producer of the X-Conference.  His work has been covered extensively by national and international media.  See  PRG Media Coverage.

In September of 2011 Paradigm Research Group submitted a Disclosure Petition to the White House's "We the People" project which generated a response from the Obama administration on November 4, 2011. 

This response was the first time the executive branch has put a position in writing on the ET issue and is a milestone. 

A second Disclosure Petition was submitted on February 23, 2012 designed to draw attention to the Rockefeller Initiative (1993-1996).

Concomitant with these projects is the continuing public awareness work via the PRG website and media appearances coupled with lobbying of the political media to take notice of what is easily the biggest and most important news story in history.

With the nation and world moving into new and troubling territory, Mr. Bassett will continue to work to create a broad based coalition within the extraterrestrial phenomena research/activist community capable of reaching out to the twenty million plus American citizens who are following the politics of disclosure with interest and concern.   The aim is to form a political awareness of sufficient size to meaningfully influence government policies and actions leading up to and following the formal acknowledgment of the extraterrestrial presence.

Guest Second Hour will be Frank Stalter

I first became interested in space late during the Gemini program and all through the Apollo moon missions and beyond and first became interested in UFOs during a very famous flap during the early 1970s with the Pascaguola abduction case being the most famous from those days.

I watched most of the UFO documentaries on the various cable networks over the following years but began to take an active interest in the phenomenon after the publicity surrounding Edgar Mitchell's appearance at the National Press Club in the spring of 2009. I developed a particular interest in UFOs during the Truman presidency.

I started poking around various websites and had some beginner's luck turning up items of interest that the established UFO community either overlooked or undervalued including finding a specifically documented White House meeting regarding the 1952 DC UFO case, the interest taken in UFOs by 2-time Nobel Prize Winner Linus Pauling, the solution to the famous 1964 Socorro landing case and I have heavily researched the very curious founding of the commercial titanium industry in December 1948, one and a half years after the Roswell crash.

About six months after that I decided to start my own blog up, The UFO Partisan, where I combine my interests in UFOs, history and astronomy.

For more information on Frank

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