Meet 'MING OF MARS'! Found by The MARS Revealer himself!

ANOTHER FACE OF MARS WITH NEARBY PYRAMIDS… What do you see? Found by the one and only our own Gary Leggiere better known as “The Mad Martian!” or the “Mars Revealer” as we like better… He’s been in the front lines finding all sorts of amazing things on the red planet that NASA doesn’t want you knowing about for years now. Make sure you look at these pictures carefully and tell us what you see in the comment section. 

 “I HAVE NAMED THIS COOL FACE OF MARS!” said Gary in his Facebook post and he’s followed that by naming it the ‘MING OF MARS’! A Good name considering if you look close you can indeed not just see facial features but a “Ming” like face with beard. Good find if there isn’t just one structure which shows a face but dozens this has to mean something, and why our NASA has not looked closer to these sites with the hundreds of millions spent on the rovers we got up there should tell us something.

What I love here is that the face sticks out sure but look at all the odd looking features around this amazing structure. There is a lot to see here folks, and I Just wonder how much longer are we going to be made to wait before they show us close up images of these things that we the people keep finding while NASA and these crooks keep looking for “bacteria” or “water” on the Red Planet, and literally using our tax payer money to tell us nothing.