We're back! And saying goodbye to one of our own...

While at Mufon 2016 in Orlando
Crystal Storm, Angel Espino, Alejandro Rojas, Alan Wyler

So this past week we got back on air after a couple of months off on Hiatus, and sadly we had to soon announce that Crystal Storm will be leaving our show Skywatchers Radio. As you know Crystal joined the show while we we're still being simulcast over on Dark Matter Radio Network, and had become an integral part in our show. Had it not been for her being on the show "Bill Birnes" might have actually remembered Alan's name, and the nick name "The Other Guy" would have never been coined... So in so many ways she helped name him that.

She added humor, wisdom and we will miss her greatly. We got to hang out for the first time at MUFON in 2016 and that was a great deal of fun. Now while she's not going to be a regular host on the show she will be on from time to time as a "Special Guest Co Host" for our news segment, and as a guest as well as she's still going to be heard on PSN RADIO on her own show "Woman in Hoodies" and another new show she's got cooking up.