Join Angel & Alan as they welcome Crystal Skull Explorer Joshua Shapiro to Skywatchers Radio. Listen is as they talk about the Phenomenon which has kept Joshua busy all these years exploring, and researching.

Bio: Joshua is a crystal skull explorer and has been exploring the crystal skulls since 1983. He is the author of two books and works with his partner Katrina Head as they travel the world for excitement and adventure linked to the crystal skulls

Mission: To collect the best information in the world that discusses how our world will see World Peace in the near future which involves both physical and spiritual studies from the scientific to the paranormal.

Description: Joshua works with his partners Katrina Head to travel the world and speak to the most interesting people to uncover the mysteries of the Crystal Skulls. They are known as the Crystal Skull Explorers who in 2011 expanded the Explorers with other friends around the world as the co-created (based on the energy from a Crystal Skull Conference in Holland they assisted and participated with) the International Crystal Skull Network (ICSN).

ICSN with the expanded crystal skull explorers are the supports for a series of 13 world peace meditations which occur in 2012 on the 13th day of each month at the 13th hour – info can be learned about ICSN or the World Peace Meditation by going to: