Alright this is our new website layout for the show, and as things get going we will be starting back up soon with both video, and audio on this page. Both Angel & Alan are going to team back up, and get things back underway. The shows night, and time will be different from what it was before as now things are as we know not the same as they were in 2018. So with that said we shall be showing up more on this page in the next coming weeks as we revamp, and get ready to go back on air for the first time in a couple of years.

The main site for the network is as we all know and also we're on both for audio, and video. The show will have a more news sort of feel from the way we did it before. Less interviews, and more actual UFO related, and SPACE related news. Together we hope to bring further proof that we're not alone, and that have never been alone. We will return soon... Enjoy the new site.