Brand new WEBSITE coming in 2021!

Hey fellow Skywatchers Radio listeners as you might notice our WORDPRESS gone, and that was due to a server change with the host we had which was GoDaddy, and while we still will use them for the new site they had to switch us to a new secured server, and the reason for it is because wordpress, and google changed the way they work.

Wordpress upgraded all there platforms, and GoDaddy wasn't compatible anymore so they had to have everyone upgrade who uses wordpress, and google now demands all sites are "secured" and so we had to make sure we follow those rules, and so we're building the new site from scratch on the new server, and that will be up within the next few weeks. The main site for the radio station PSN RADIO has the same issue with GoDaddy.

But fear not! All the links are on this blogsite which we haven't used much due to us having the wordpress site. I'll tell you what tho I like blogspot it just needs a little TLC from myself. But the new site on GoDaddy, and Wordpress is coming along very nice, and remember all our past shows can be found on our soundcloud page which you can have easy access to right here on this site. So check out our previous shows, and look out for the brand new site coming soon.